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If you are a doctor and searching for an excellent accountant in Toronto to handle your accounting services, then you came to the right place. We at SDG Accountants can handle your accounting and tax needs as we have years of experience working with doctors, dentists, and medical professionals and understand the nuances of the trade. We are the best accounting firm in Toronto and have helped many businesses grow by taking care of the financial side of their business. We offer end-to-end solutions and are a one-stop shop if you are a medical professional looking for help with your accounting and taxes.

The value of “Doctors” in our lives has grown manifold in recent and in today’s testing times, the need for doctors has grown manifold. However, the challenges that come with this most demanding job give no time for financial planning, tax planning, record keeping, and accurate tax filing. It is also understandable that since you are not an expert in the subject matter, you need someone who can guide you and take the burden of handling your taxes.

Medical Practitioners and Dental Offices usually have a good work-life balance. It is your decision to make whether to enjoy family time after work by outsourcing your bookkeeping work to us or you can work as a bookkeeper for yourself. Despite the differences in lifestyle and priorities, neither of our clients has regret to let us help with their accounting records. As a Chartered Professional Accountant firm in Toronto, we are licensed, experienced, and effective in solving difficulties in the accounting and taxation field just like yours.

  1. Keep a record of your expenses – A good expense tracking application can do wonders. Chat with us on which application medium would be the best for your business. We have our integrations with mostly used software and ERP solutions and can-do end-to-end bookkeeping for you. We can train and guide you on the use of cloud-based accounting software which is beneficial for your practice.
  2. Tax Sheltering – Optimizing tax leakage through your professional corporation to ensure you only are withdrawing funds as needed to not have ‘tax leakage’.
  3. RRSPs and TFSAs – We can guide you on how to keep your investment portfolio to leverage the maximum and save taxes in the most judicial manner. Doctors earn a higher income and need to ensure their hard work is taking advantage of the Canadian tax provisions such as deductions for RRSP contributions, etc.
  4. Education expenses and student loans – The tax system in Canada offers rebates for your student loans and various educational and professional expenses.
  5. Need for corporate insurance and the deduction availability on the same
  6. Income splitting provision with the spouse & TOSI rules.
  7. Membership dues and Automobile Expenses – We guide you on the deductions available for various expenses that are incurred in generating any income.
  8. The needs and benefits of setting up a corporation and the provisioning of income received for OHIP- As most of you bill to the OHIP or other such plans it is important to know how setting up a corporation for this can be beneficial.
  9. Tax Planning – With more clarity on the Tax Reform Proposal which targets wealthy small business owners, Medical Professionals, and Dental Officers who are facing stricter requirements on both profit-sharing and holding passive investment portfolios within the corporation. Failure in tax planning or disclosure will lead to higher tax liability or even trigger the CRA penalty and interest.
  10. The advantages and disadvantages of incorporating with insights on how it can affect your profession – Discussion on the cost and benefit analysis of incorporating the business and the benefit from it including the possibility of deferment of the taxes.

To sum it up, the needs and challenges can be numerous, and the need of the hour is to make sure that you have the best accountant in Toronto. The search for the best accountant for doctors in Toronto ends right here and we are there to assist you in the best possible manner.

Get in touch with us if you are medical personnel and searching for the right accountant to help you with your taxes! Please contact us directly at 416-755-3000 or by emailing us at if you are looking for a competent accountant for doctors and dentists in Toronto to handle your accounting and taxes. Visit our contact us page to book a consultation.

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“Timely, Reliable and Knowledgeable service. I filed my taxes with Sami and his team and they provided the Next Day service of my return, which is incredible. Also, with the highest refund, I have seen on my taxes to date. I attribute this to their diligence and attention to detail. Very thankful I chose to file my Taxes with them and the fact that they communicated with me along the way.”

Ucal Ukes

“I switched from being an employee to an independent contractor and SDG was able to give me the right tax tips I needed… thanks team I will be coming back to you come tax time.”

Sam Faris

“I would highly recommend SDG Accountant Ltd. as a complete and reliable tax filing return. The agency’s consistency and professionalism were far more superior then other firms I have dealt with before. Their attention to detail and commitment to each client is what sets them apart from other firms. I was very satisfied with their work ethic, and believe it would be very beneficial to any business or individual.”

Brenden Woodrow

“Sami and his firm have provided me with tax preparation and related tax counsel/advice for my business tax returns from 2013 through 2015 and maintaining my business books. He has been knowledgeable, reliable, efficient and demonstrated great integrity across the work he has done for me and my small business. He is also friendly and enjoyable to work with. I will continue to use Sami and his team for my tax and business needs and I highly recommend them.”

Jairah Bernabe

“SDG Accountant gets the job done quickly and with no hassles. When you want to maximize your return within the guidelines of the CRA, SDG is the right choice. They ask for all the information they’ll need up front, and once they have it, your return is ready in the next couple of days. Would highly recommend, I know where I’m going for tax year 2016!”

Trevor Gonsalves

“I had an enjoyable experience with Sami and his team, while I was filing my taxes this past weekend. It was quick, professional, and worth the money as well. I filed them on Saturday and got my T4 summary emailed back to me the next day. I highly recommend SDG Accountant Ltd for your tax needs.”

Bechara Khoury

“Sam, probably the most well dressed, professional, fast and easy accountant. He really did a great job at filing my taxes!”

Dean Sazdanovski

“Sami at SDG Accountant was fantastic. He was very efficient and professional. He thoroughly answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and the SDG CPA firm.”

Kristina B

“What a pleasant experience! So professional, timely and efficient. Sami was helpful and knowledgeable, he answered all my questions and concerns. Very happy with the outcome and will be returning!”

Melissa Downman

“SDG accounting is by far the best experience I have ever had. They are quick, knowledgeable and very efficient. I know that I will be going back to Sami and Andrew every year. They went above and beyond! I highly recommended anyone needing tax or accounting services to get in touch with these gentlemen.”

Kayla O’Driscoll

“Approached SDG for a CRA issue I was dealing with. I sat down at their downtown office and in a matter of a few weeks my issue was fully resolved. I cannot thank you enough for all of the help. I look forward to working with your team in the future if the need arises!!!”

Kristen Walsh

“What Stands out about this firm is they’re very personable with their clients. As a dual citizen, I am limited in my options for firms who can handle both U.S. and Canadian returns and file them accurately. I approached SDG and they have a U.S. Tax lawyer on the team who works closely with their CDN office to ensure that foreign tax credits are being claimed properly. I am glad I found this firm as I will be looking forward to working with them for years to come!!!!”

Matt V

“I approached SDG accountant for my accounting and tax needs. I run an online marketing company and wanted to get the best possible tax planning scenario. Sam sat down with me and listened to my goals and what I wanted to accomplish in the next few years. He worked out a strategy and gave me processes to help my business finances be more organized. As an owner of a small corporation, I can trust SDG to deliver professional services at a reasonable price. Thank you guys and I look forward to continued satisfaction.”

Jake Solomon

“Great Experience Working with SDG Accountant. Smooth Process with Effective, Timely and Professional Service. Would Highly Recommend them.”

Scott Woodward

“Amazing service!! I was impressed with the quality of service and professionalism. I would choose SDG Accounting over H&R Block any day… quick and easy nothing beats them!”

Antonia Petre

“The whole experience was amazing!! So timely, professional and efficient, Sami filed my taxes as soon as I had sent him all the necessary documents with zero hassles. He will certainly be my accountant in the next few years! Thank you!”

Rita Houkayem

“SDG Accounting consistently helps me with my personal and small business accounting. It’s difficult to keep up with all my finances and I couldn’t appreciate the help more than I already do. Thanks a lot for the constant advice and returns.”

Waleed Ali

“I have been using the services from Sami as my accountant for years now, and he is an absolute lifesaver. He and his team at SDG Accountant helped me out of a messy situation from my previous accountant and my businesses are thriving now. Much more than just accounting, business and tax advice is second to none. I highly recommend SDG Accountant to anyone who is serious about their business and going to the next level.”

Anthony Alfonsi

“Dear Sami and Andrew Thank you very much Gentlemen for being able to resolve my issues with the CRA. You’ll have been a very professional organization that treats clients’ issues very seriously and with respect. I am so glad that I found you’ll online, my previous company took so long and finally I just gave up on them. I and my wife thank you once again and wish you all the very best. Thank you once again.”


“By far the best tax experience I’ve had. SDG Accountant is an effective and efficient firm that offers professional yet personal service. They took the time and energy to make this an effortless process and got me back more than I could hope for. Very knowledgeable. I will be using them for years to come. Thanks!”

Brandon Booth