SDG Accountant


Meet Our Team

SDG Accountant team personally attends to the tax needs of each and every client that comes to our Scarborough and downtown Toronto Accountant office. We consider every tax matter important and as such demands our expertise and experience. Our goal is to provide excellent service at a cost that is reasonable and affordable. We follow through with our services from start to finish. Our team has a wide variety of skills and expertise to help navigate you through the accounting & tax world. Every accountant comes equipped with industry knowledge to help achieve the best possible solution for you. Our tax leaders have been employed by large international accounting firms and can provide their expertise at affordable rates. Our members consist of Chartered Professional Accountants and a Tax Lawyer. If you are a small business in the Greater Toronto area or even would like to hire us remotely from anywhere in Canada, we are at your service! We also focus on cross-border clients who conduct business or hold foreign assets in the U.S. and Canada. Let us guide you through the complexities of accounting and tax so you can focus on your core business.