SDG Accountant


Things to bring:

Following is the list of items you should bring to us, to make your filing experience as smooth as possible:

  • Personal Identification – Social Insurance Number, Full Name, Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Telephone Number, Email Address, Marital Status
  • Dependent Details – Name, Date of Birth, SIN, Net Income, Fitness Activity Receipts, Musical
  • Income Slips – T4, T5, T3, T4A, T5007, T4E, T4 RSP, T4A (OAS), T4A (P), etc.
  • Tax Deduction Receipts – Rent Receipt, RRSP, Child Care, Moving Expense, Union Dues, etc.
  • Specialty Deduction Claims – Receipts for Clergy Residence, Northern Residency, Employment Expenses
  • Tax Credits – Official Tuition Receipts, Donation Slips, Medical Receipts, Public Transit Passes
  • Installment Payment Details
  • Prior Year Tax Return / Notice of Assessment

Business / Self-Employment Return

  • Incorporation Documents – Business number, Incorporation number, Fiscal Period, Previous Notice of assessment
  • Details of Income – Including GST Collected
  • Detailed Break-up of Expenses – Business Related Purchases, Advertising, Telephone, Home Office, Motor Vehicle, Office Expenses, Travel, Entertainment, etc.
  • Capital Assets – Purchased and Used for Business Purposes
  • Details of Ownership – Proprietary, Partnership, Directorship
  • Vehicle Log Book – For Business Use

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